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FAQ — Referrals & Credit

+-How do SKCC referrals work?

Briefly, you earn $5 of SKCC Credit any time someone subscribes after signing up through your unique referral link (which you can find on your Profile). You can use this credit towards anything SKCC - subscription payments or a la carte purchases!

+-What is SKCC Credit?

In summary, SKCC Credit is US dollar value applied to your account when anyone you refer to SKCC subscribes.

+-What can I use my SKCC Credit for?

You can use your Credit towards any a la carte purchase - recipes, weeks and bundles. Simply tick the "Apply credit towards total price" box at checkout.

If you have an active subscription, at the beginning of your next billing cycle, your SKCC Credit is automatically applied towards your payment. Easy.

+-How do I earn SKCC Credit?

A $5 SKCC Credit is automatically applied to your account when someone subscribes to SKCC after signing up through your unique referral link (which can be found on your Profile).

+-Is there a limit to the ammount of SKCC Credit I can earn?

Nope! More friends, more credit.

+-Does my SKCC Credit expire?

Nope! Your SKCC credit remains available until it's spent.

+-My Friend signed up through my referral link, but I haven't received any SKCC Credit. What's the deal?

That's a good question. After your friend (referree) signs up through your referral link, your SKCC Credit is applied to your account after the referee's trial has concluded and their subscription is successfully billed for the first time.

The downside to this is that you'll have to wait for the referree's trial to end. The upside is that if the referree decides to subscribe at anytime in the future - a month, a year, you name it - you'll receive the credit automatically.

+-How do I check my SKCC Credit balance?

You can view your current SKCC Credit balance under the Referrals module on your Profile.

+-Can I redeem my SKCC Credit for cash?

Unfortunately not. SKCC Credit can only be redeemed here in the SKCC universe for SKCC content.